Who we are

“The way we spend our time defines who we are.” – Jonathan Estrin

We have spent the last 50 plus years defining the practice of operations management consulting.

Since 1968 USC Consulting Group has been partnering with businesses around the globe, helping them to reach their highest potential by driving operating excellence throughout the entire supply chain while improving financial performance.

It all started when two audacious management consultants, Pat Price and Tom Rice, had a vision.  Based on their encounters in the consulting industry, Pat and Tom wanted to create a better consulting experience for both customers and employees.  So, they ventured out and founded Universal Scheduling Corporation (USC).

Their main objective was to establish a company that would help its clients improve productivity and efficiency through positive, impactful change and deliver pronounced returns on investment.

Today, our full-time, seasoned professionals work side-by-side with your team to develop and implement a highly-detailed, complete strategy plan for improvement.  Furthermore, the relationships we form with your people throughout each project facilitates knowledge transfer and ensures sustainability for years to come.

USC has grown with many changing business conditions, but our commitment will always remain true to our core values and founding principles.  The most important factor in our over five decades of success has always been empowering your people and processes with the tools and techniques that drive optimal performance.

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Why choose us?

  • A Committed Investment Partnership: The Discovery and Feasibility phases are on us, enabling us to further refine the potential opportunity while limiting your financial investment.
  • Behavioral Change Catalysts: We can help drive behavioral change from the top-down and bottom-up through boots-on-the-ground teamwork, and formal & informal training and knowledge transfer.
  • Enhance Your Competitive Position: Get your products to market quicker, enhance your customer experience, and/or become more price competitive.
  • Improve Financial Performance: Improve your ROA/ROE & EBITDA, and decrease your working capital – with measurable, trackable and sustainable KPIs.
  • Increase Visibility: Gain tools, technologies and practices that enable more cohesive planning, communications and proactive management.

What We Do

Our specialty is process improvement. We constantly identify and eliminate wasteful practices and non-value-added procedures across the supply chain. We understand that your frontline staff is a valuable resource. So we leverage their experience and expertise throughout the process. We implement our recommendations and then transfer the knowledge back to your staff. This enables them to continue the improvements we started.



How it works

Any company can talk about success. Here’s the proof to back it up.

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Across the nation. Around the world. We go wherever our clients have a challenge to be addressed. Here’s where some of our projects have led us.




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